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Frank Sturgis

4y ago


"...for truth is truth though never so old, and time cannot make that false which was once true." (E. de Vere) Nov. 22, 2013 Sirhan was moved to San Diego. Please write to him at: Mr. Sirhan B. Sirhan #B21014 480 Alta Road. San Diego, Ca 92179 Write Sirhan and ask him for his signature. DOB 3-19-44. The winners may write the history books today, but the next generation will re-write the books, once they discover the reason for the truth. I loved the article by Arthur Krock in the NYT, the month before the CIA killed JFK, Oct 3, 63, pg 1, Krock predicted the CIA would kill JFK because JFK stopped the invasion of Cuba. Krock knew Geo HW Bush was in charge of the invasion of Cuba. Krock won the Pulitzer prize that year. He died in 1975. Great American hero. A movie to see this week is Dr. Strangelove, since it relates to what is happening today. When Gen. Curtis LeMay secretly sent a U2 over Russia to try & trick the Russians into launching WWIII, JFK fired LeMay. LeMay then met with Gen. Charles Cabell & planned the Dallas assassination of JFK. The mayor of Dallas was the brother of Cabell. What a movie. DA Jim Garrison issued a subpoena for Gen. Cabell, but the CIA helped Cabell dodge the subpoena. Which side was the US on in WWII? Today in Germany, 6-4-10, an 11 thousand US bomb dropped by the US on Russian troops in Berlin in May 1, 1945, exploded, killing 3 German construction workers & seriously wounding 6 others. The bomb was dropped by the US on the Russians who had just liberated Germany from the Nazi. An American soldier, being held prisoner by the Nazi, Kurt Vonnegut, was an eye witness to the US bombing of Berlin, after the Russians had freed American prisoners from the Nazi. Vonnegut wrote the book, "Slaughter House 5", about how the US was on the side of the Germans. Before WWII, Senator Prescott Bush hired a man named Adolph Hitler to run as a candidate for the Prime minister of Germany. To insure that Hitler was elected, Bush & his CIA friends in the Nazi party, assassinated all the candidates opposed to Hitler. Hitler & Bush won the election. This gave the Bush family their formula of how to win the elections in the US. The CIA killed JFK because JFK had stopped the Bay of Pigs invasion of Cuba. What a great day for peace. Then JFK issue new paper money, backed by silver, in order to smash the Federal Reserve. Yes, JFK tried to kill the Federal Reserve to save the US economy from this Depression of 2010. Then JFK issued NSAM #263, in Oct 11, 63, which totally stopped the Vietnam war. We can't have both health care & warfare. Bring the troops home by Christmas.