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jeff riggenbach

jeff riggenbach

Frank Chodorov, Educator | by Jeff Riggenbach

4y ago


The Ludwig von Mises Institute presents The Libertarian Tradition, a weekly podcast with Jeff Riggenbach. Link to the text version of this audio presentation: * * * * * Jeff Riggenbach is an American libertarian journalist, author, editor, broadcaster, and educator. Riggenbach's first book, In Praise of Decadence (1998), argued that the baby boomers turned out to be far more libertarian in their personal philosophy than had been expected. His second book, Why American History Is Not What They Say: An Introduction to Revisionism (2009), argued that political events and trends in late 20th Century America had led to a rebirth of popular interest in revisionist accounts of American history. In this study of American revisionists, Riggenbach identifies three distinct phases within American revisionism. (Source: Wikipedia) Jeff Riggenbach's official website: Links to online books and essays by Jeff Riggenbach: Why American History Is Not What They Say: An Introduction to Revisionism Meeting Murray Rothbard On the Road to Libertarianism Isabel Paterson Biography Fills in Gaps in American Intellectual History The Ecumenical Spirit and the Libertarian Movement This Movement We Have Chosen In Defense of the Hack Writer: Critical Reflections on Ayn Rand's The Art of Nonfiction More online essays available @ Radio Show Interviews: Lew Rockwell Podcast: Be a Revisionist Antiwar Radio Interview DISCLAIMER: The Ludwig von Mises Institute has given permission under the Creative Commons license that this audio presentation can be publicly reposted as long as credit is given to the Mises Institute and other guidelines are followed. More info at: This YouTube channel is in no way endorsed by or affiliated with the Ludwig von Mises Institute, any of its lecturers or staff members.