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smoke and mirrors

smoke and mirrors

Frank Andrews Re Election TV spot

2y ago


Please watch the new Sheriff Andrews TV ad by clicking on the link. What he doesn't say is..... 1) Under 1200 Marijuana Plants (most of them on one case in 2010, estimated at $5000.00 a pound) and containers of synthetic Marijuana accounted for $4,786,736.05 of the seizures. This leaves only $30,232.70 of other drugs, including the infamous Methamphetamine drug seized. I will say that again... In 3.5 years as Sheriff he has only seized a little more than THIRTY THOUSAND DOLLARS worth of Methamphetamine and all of the other types of drugs in this county!!! In fact as a former drug agent, I know that the GBI estimates each Marijuana plant as 1 pound even if it is just 1 inch tall. I know this is the state and federal government's way of selling drug statistics to the public. While I believe this to be smoke and mirrors for the public, unfortunately, it is the accepted practice. 2) The synthetic Marijuana seized had only recently turned illegal and was being sold at the Exxon gas station and another store in plain sight. If elected Sheriff, I will ensure to educate business owners of new changes in the law prior to enforcing them. 3) In contrast with the TV ad, Sheriff Andrews is not a recognized firearms instructor with the Georgia Peace Officer Standards and Training Council. What he does say; Sheriff Andrews states that he is the most respected Sheriff in the history of Rabun County. In just 3.5 years he contends that he has bypassed Sheriff Chester York, Sheriff Marley Cannon, Sheriff Luther Rickman, Sheriff Grover Wilson, and Sheriff Don Page who almost gave his life for this county in 1984. If you were living in this area at the time, you cannot forget the day Sheriff Page was shot two times with a high powered rifle. As Sheriff and a present law enforcement officer, I promise to never forget the men that came before me and to serve with humility and humbleness. Please watch the video again and vote July 31st to change the Rabun County Sheriff! Please share this link with all of your friends, family, and fellow citizens of Rabun County.