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Fracking presentation in Saskatchewan featuring Jessica Ernst

4y ago


Oil and gas industry contamination of groundwater with methane is a wide spread and expensive problem, even in Saskatchewan. Decades ago, researchers reported increased concentrations of methane in water wells and springs in Saskatchewan with increased density of energy industry wellbores. That was before the new "brute force" hydraulic fracturing (fracking). Jessica Ernst, a 54-year old scientist with 30 years petroleum industry experience, alleges that the natural gas industry contaminated a shallow aquifer in her community with toxic industry-related chemicals and is suing the Alberta government, Energy Resources Conservation Board (ERCB) and EnCana for negligence and unlawful activities. The Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers, industry and our governments do not tell us about industry's damning results; Jessica will. Presentation delivered to the Quill Plains Chapter, Council of Canadians. January 28, 2012, Muenster, Saskatchewan. Read about fracking at