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Fracked! Jessica Ernst vs. Encana

4y ago


After wells were fracked near hear home, scientist Jessica Ernst's water is now so contaminated that it can now be lit on fire. Ernst is suing EnCana Corporation, the Alberta Energy Resources Conservation Board, and the Alberta government for contamination of her property and drinking water. Fracking is the forcing open of fissures in subterranean rocks by introducing liquid at high pressure, especially to extract oil or gas. The fracking liquid is a mixture of poisonous chemicals, propants and water The 2011 Academy Award nominated film Gasland documents results of fracking including contaminated drinking water, hazardous air pollution, and negative health impacts Due to the environmental concerns, fracking is banned in the State of Vermont, many towns in New York, and the countries of Bulgaria, the Czech Republic and France. Speaking to worldwide audiences, Ernst has traveled to Ireland and to the United Nations in New York City where she received UNANIMA International's "Woman of Courage" award for her efforts to hold companies accountable for environmental harm done by fracking. Jessica Ernst, from Rosebud, Alberta, Canada, is a biologist and environmental consultant to the oil and gas industry. For more information on Jessica Ernst vs. Encana, visit: