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A fox tale

4y ago


Directed by Thomas Bozovic, Alexandre Cazals, Julien Legay, Chao Ma. Music by Guy-Roger Duvert Sound Design by: Nicolas Titeux WWW.AFOXTALEMOVIE.COM _____________________________ A fox tale is a short movie made by 4 students in 2011 at the french school Supinfocom Arles. Main softwares used :3dsmax, Photoshop, After Effects and Premiere Pro. « In the heart of ancient China, two brothers are hunting fox, this mad journey will have them face treason, bravery, hatred and love. » _____________________________ CONTACTS: Global : Thomas Bozovic Alexandre Cazals Julien Legay Chao ma _____________________________ MUSIC COMPOSER: Guy-Roger Duvert _____________________________ SOUND DESIGNER: Nicolas Titeux _____________________________ DISTRIBUTION: _____________________________ ROLE ON THE MOVIE: Thomas Bozovic 2d research, wu da modeling , Animation, Matte Painting Alexandre Cazals Colorboard/Lightboard, Wu song modeling, Environments Lookdev, Texturing/Shading, Lighting, Rendering , Compositing Julien Legay 2d research, fox modeling, FX, fur Chao ma Original Idea, Character design, Girl Modeling, Animation