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rami fortis

rami fortis

Foreign Affair - East On Fire - 05 Jounieh

4y ago


Buy this beautiful album! Copyrights by crammed discs - I do not own any copyrights to this song. 01 Sandanya - 02 Ghosts Can´t Run Away - 03 Diversion - 04 Misunderstanding - 05 Jounieh - 06 Keep Me In - 07 East On Fire - 08 The Same - 09 Burn A Bridge And Run - 10 Nashkini - 11 I´ll Show You - 12 East On Fire (Club Mix) - Following the demise of Minimal Compact, Rami Fortis and Berry Sakharof (the two guitarists/singers with the band) recorded an album under the name Foreign Affair. Some of the basic ingredients of MC were still present, but FA are at the same time poppier and more oriental-sounding than its forebear, while parts of the lyrics made open references to the political situation in the Middle-East, to what it feels like to be living on a barrel of powder. "East On Fire" was produced by Gilles Martin, with additional production and mixes by Hollander & Kenis on a couple of tracks (incl. the single "Sandanya"). Other guests include Bel Canto's Anneli Drecker, Malka Spigel, and talented Congolese musician/producer Maurice Poto Doudongo. F.A. have only made one album and one tour: Sakharof and Fortis went back to live in Israel, where they launched into spectacular solo careers and became local megastars.