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For All Eternity - 'Broken Hands'

2y ago


Download 'Broken Hands' for free here: Lyrics: Purpose, isn't found in my broken hands or my selfishness. Everything they have told me has broken my spirit, and it has left me, without a plan or a purpose for this life that I am meant to lead. I'm a broken man, I find no purpose in these hands. I cant build anything for myself. They have left me, with no guideline or outline of what or who I am meant to be. Everythings unclear, everything that I see here. So tell me what, what do you expect from me? Im just a broken man, gripping to life with a broken hand. I wish, I had the strength to live a life, a life free of regret. All these thoughts running through my head. In my own strength, I think i'd just wind up dead. Lend me a helping hand, someone teach me to be a better man. Its like i've heard it all before. Give me a reason to breath or I won't breathe at all. Living through all this pain. Living amongst this hate, I can't bear another day. What could I do, what could I say, that could make this pain go away, what could I do, what could I say. I cant bear another day, and it's eating me away. I am alone and cold, hopeless and broken and wretched with no place to go. I am alone and cold, in desperate need of a purpose and a chance of hope. I wish, I had the strength to live a life, a life, full of hope. To live a life free of regret. Give me the strength.