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Staff Picks

Staff Picks

Fly a kite train, paint a rainbow in the sky

4y ago


When developing our kite trains our objective was to overcome several dilemmas with kite flying. As a general rule, the kites that are more fun also require more skill and experience; "cool" kites need expertise to fly. In addition, they need a strong wind to get up in the air. Our goal was to design a kite that is exceptionally fun and dazzling to the eye yet extremely easy to fly. Anyone can enjoy flying our awesome kites even with no previous experience. We take pride in the fact that a person who has never flown a kite before can make our kite trains soar 200 feet into the sky even when the breeze barely moves the leaves on the trees.The other dilemma with kites is that if they are cool they are expensive; if they are super cool, they are too expensive! We wanted to present everyone the opportunity to fly a super cool kite, at a price that people can afford. Although our kite trains are made of 25-50 individual kites, we are glad to present them at prices that are comparable to a single, ordinary kite.