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sxip shirey

sxip shirey

Féloche - Darwin Avait Raison (feat. Adam Matta), Joe's Pub NYC (Sxip Shirey's Birthday, 5-2-12)

4y ago


I first saw Féloche perform with his amazing band at a previous celebration of Sxip Shirey's birthday several years ago. I instantly fell in music-love with them, and was amazingly frustrated that their music is trapped far away in France with pretty much no good way to get it here in the US. I waited patiently for a chance to see them live again, and this was as close as I'll get until the whole band perhaps does a tour in the US sometime in the future. However as a special treat, the song was performed with Adam Matta who is quite the talent himself. If you liked this, please check out the following links if you aren't already familiar with these amazing artists. (also can be tracked down on facebook/myspace/twitter) Handheld, with a Canon 60D, so I apologize for shake and focus issues. However I think that once again the sound quality is pretty good considering it's the internal camera mic.