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Flipboard feeds Blogger with Broadband Rollout Blues :LTG Episode 92

2y ago

Description =Topics= *In flight wifi ** *MTN Specials (Els) (Mobile) **Latest Yello Trander available at shows some interesting things. Most tonetable would be the HTC One X on the cover page. MyBB ran a story on this and Ive seen some people mouaning on Twitter and G+ that the stores do not have stock. Another intresting note is on the data bundle page Out-of-bundle rate 29c/Mb. ( Analysis *Google Moving For Likely Mistrial In Copyright Portion Of Oracle Java Case, But Big Questions Remain: ** *Oracle, Google lawyers spar over Android's Dalvik VM as patent phase begins: ** *WhatsApp addresses plaintext security concerns ** *Flipboard for Android ** *Spacequest but not ** *How to get spreadsheet from Google Docs into Gmail - this is not going to work if we cannot show it!!!! *Gimp 2.8 (Els) (Application) ** ***Single window mode ***Multi-Column Dock Windows ***More Screen Real Estate for Dockable Dialogs ***Save and Export ***Layer Groups ***Tools Drawn With Cairo ***On-Canvas Text Editing ***Simple math in Size Entries (Yes, 610*0.5 works as a width) *Star Wars The Old Republic Loses 400,000 Players (Els) (Game) *Decline from 1.7 million to 1.3 million subscribers **Yes WoW lost 2 million last year but still has 10.3 million subscribers... *Blogger Dynamic Views (Els) (Web) **Weve all seen Blogger, and now Google has revamped the way you read blogs with Dynamic views. Classic, Flipcard, Magazine, Mosiac, Sidebar, Snapshot and Timeslide. **Good samples: & *Driverless cars get license in Nevada ** =Kicker= *In the netherlands there was an ad campaign to raise awareness against texting and driving by forcing young people to text and drive during their driving test **They hid cameras in the cars and recorded the young people's reactions to trying to text and drive the test course at the same time. The young people got really upset at the testing guy, yelling about how it's unsafe to drive and text, it shouldn't be done, they can't do it. **