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FlemesDeFurore | Short Movie | 1080P HD

4y ago


A Flight Simulator X Short movie made by Crosshairfilms A project that took approximately 1 month to create and edit. Has now released this summer. It has been a long way coming and thanks to various people this video came together! So here it is! Story Line : A C-130 Coast Guard was patrolling the Alaskan skies when it picked up an aircraft on radar and got told by ATC that they weren't able to get a hold of it, but after a few attempts to contact the Coast Guard also received no response from the approaching target over United States border lines. A 767 Awacs was in the air and the United States Coast Guard passed control over to the Airforce, a fighter squadron of several fighters were already off of Eielson AFB, Alaska. So the awacs sent an F-15E to inspect the radar contact, once it came close enough to realize it was a Mirage III it got orders to engage the target. So the dogfight starts there. If you have any questions feel free to ask! Thiago DeBortolli