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4y ago


THE FIRST SEASON is a feature length documentary that premiered at the 2012 Slamdance Film Festival. Check us out on Facebook. Here's a description of the film from the press book. "Wouldn't it be great if you could raise your kids on your own farm? I mean, if that was a real option again? But just going out and starting a dairy farm makes no sense; it's too hard. But if you stay focused on what's important, you might just make it." -- Paul Van Amburgh, dairy farmer -- Paul and Phyllis van Amburgh, embracing the traditional American values essential to life on the small farm (honest toil, thrift, and dedication to family) take their life savings and buy a defunct dairy. With three children and a fourth on the way and armed only with their principles and determination, they fight to defy the odds and become full time farmers. Through an intimate, cinema verite style, THE FIRST SEASON bears witness to the Van Amburghs' struggle to build their version of the American dream despite never-ending labor, financial ruin, and the harsh reality of dairy farming THE FIRST SEASON portrays the story of the small, family farmer -- once the iconic centerpiece of the American experience -- fighting to remain viable in the modern world.