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katy perry

katy perry

Firework Katy Perry (David Osmond, Aubree Oliverson, Nathaniel Drew, & Salt Lake Pops Orchestra

4y ago


Purchase this song on iTunes: Instrumental version: Braven Speakers (sponsors for this video) Please help support them so they'll continue to help the orchestra out! David Osmond Aubree Oliverson Music Produced By Nathaniel Drew. He can be reached at: Find the orchestra on facebook :) or online: Sheet Music available: (vl.,va.,vc.,db.,pno.,tpt.,fhrn.,tmbn.,tba.,picc.,flt.,obo.,cl.,bcl.,bsn.,perc.,vcls & solo vln) The Revolution I recently went to talk with local high school orchestras and their directors about the Salt Lake Pops Orchestra and I was shocked to find very small orchestras. They were all very talented and dedicated to their instruments, but it seems that playing in an orchestra is no longer a popular or fun thing to do for most teenagers. When I was in high school for example, we had over 100 members to our orchestra. Now, some of these schools were lucky to break 30. In contrast, I visited my old high school choir teacher Mr. Larson whom I admire greatly. We chatted about how different the choir is now. Strangely, it was a fun and popular thing to be a part of in our high school, though I know a lot of other high schools were struggling for members at that time. There were around 100 members to our a capella choir when I was there. I thought that number was huge back then. No one rivaled the numbers our choir could produce. Now there's over 160 members! That blew me away. I knew that part of why his choirs were so successful was because he was an amazing director and always expected a lot out of the choir. However, many of the local choirs have increased in numbers by a huge margin as well! When I drove home I talked with my beautiful, and pregnant, wife about it. She simply stated that it was the "Glee effect". Suddenly it hit me. Choir has become cool! Glee is a television show that puts together popular music for choirs and makes it fun! Instead of singing the traditional madrigals and hymns the choirs are now singing Gloria Estephan, Michael Jackson, Madonna, Britney Spears, and Lady Gaga! No wonder it's popular. This is music that is current, relevant, and speaks to the emotions of these teenagers. High school bands started updating their repertoires 50 years ago with modern compositions and have grown in size compared to the orchestras that I've seen decreasing in number everyday. Why are orchestras dying? Because they think playing only Beethoven, Bach, and Mozart is the only way to educate our kids within an orchestra. The Revolution Symphony would like to present a solution. Play music that speaks to the people in your orchestra, potential orchestra members and your audience. Continue to play the incredible music of Beethoven, Bach and Mozart, but supplement that music with something that will excite your kids: popular music from artists they already listen to! Play Bruno Mars' "Grenade" or Katy Perry's "Firework"! Make YOUR orchestra current, relevant and FUN again! Even one song every concert could change things for your orchestra. To help you we've decided give our sheet music away for free. The individual parts. The score. Everything. You can even email us if you have special needs for your orchestra. We do ask for donations so that we can continue this revolution. It simply helps provide free music for others who don't have any money. Every journey begins with one step. Watch the music videos. Download the sheet music. Talk to your students and parents. Donate or have your student's parents donate. YOU can change the culture of your orchestra. YOU can change the future of orchestras and orchestral music. Moon ...