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Staff Picks

The Federal Reserve Saved America! - Saturday Evening Post

2y ago


As I read the story in the May/June issue the author of "Too Big To Fail" makes a convincing? argument that America's financial system was in chaos from the start until the Federal Reserve was formed in 1913 and "saved the country". What did I miss? The 19th century with private and public banks scattered all over America grew from a backwater poor start-up of a country to a power house of manufacturing leading it into becoming a Super Power in the 20th century. BEFORE 1913 we had NO inflation! Since 1913 the dollar has shrunk in value by 95%! and bankers rule the country and the world in every country they have taken over. The Federal Reserve "saved us?". Has the Post become a member of "Government Media" telling us "all is well"? - we are sure lucky to have who is in office now!" People will read this and believe it!