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FBI and TSA help out LONDON OLYMPICS 2012 to make up for G4S failure (ILLUMINATI, NWO)

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FBI and TSA help out LONDON OLYMPICS 2012 to make up for G4S failure (ILLUMINATI, NWO) LONDON -- London Games officials dismissed concerns Tuesday over a lost bus driver, a scramble for more security guards and some rain-soaked venues -- embarrassments that had one tabloid newspaper headline using the Olympic rings to spell out the word "OOPS!" Organizers said some of the complaints were exaggerated and tried to put the best face on the unfolding security debacle, as well as other concerns about the games, which start in 10 days. "Let's put this in proportion," London Olympics head Sebastian Coe told reporters. "This has not, nor will it, impact on the safety and security of these games. That, of course, is our No. 1 priority." His efforts were undercut in Parliament, where the chief executive of the G4S security group, Nick Buckles, acknowledged that his company's failure to recruit enough Olympic staff had embarrassed the entire nation. Some 3,500 British troops -- including some just back from Afghanistan -- had to be called in on short notice to fill the gap. Thousands more military personnel had already been assigned to the games. Buckles gave a groveling mea culpa on live TV as he was being questioned by angry lawmakers. "It's a humiliating shambles for the country, isn't it?" asked Labour lawmaker David Winnick. "I cannot disagree with you," Buckles said. He was hard-pressed to explain why his company had failed to tell officials until only two weeks before the start of the games that its recruitment efforts had failed. Some U.S. security and law enforcement officials had privately expressed concerns as early as last year that there might not be enough personnel for the London Games. The FBI is sending about two dozen agents to London to work on Olympic security, according to two U.S. government officials. They spoke on condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to talk publicly about the plans. G4S will pay for its mistake, saying it expects to lose between 35 million pounds and 50 million pounds ($54 million to $78 million) on the contract, which is about 12 percent of its annual profit. Tags: 2012 London Olympics premeprop news media FBI defence British Army G4S illuminati killuminati police emergency zion zionism NWO new world order battleships tanks helicopters security airports flights X-ray metal detectors heathrow long queues American help cooperation controversial surveillance TSA terror terrorism Lord Coe Olympic Games news solders navy military false flag body bags coffins missiles in park sports swimming athletes running football politics government live action