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Paris, France Travel Guide - The Fashion District

4y ago


Take a tour of Rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré where you find the most upscale and luxury brands. Location 8th Arrondissement Getting There/Directions Metro: Saint-Philippe-du-Roule Paris is synonymous with Fashion, so it is inevitable there is a fashion District here. The fashion District I am in is located on one of Paris's oldest Medieval Street, the Rue Du Faubourg, Saint Honore. Let's take a walk down the street and indulge in some window shopping. There is a series of designer showrooms, featuring clothes, cosmetics and furnishing. There are also a few avaunt guard exclusive Paris girl boutiques on the street, just remember the prices are actually quite hyper and exclusive. It may take you half a day to walk along the street. Each shop window seems more attractive than the last one you just saw. In fact, window decoration is taken very seriously. The showroom with the most attractive display is the one located here at Hermes, Hermes is considered by many to be a representation, Parisian culture. Hermes'signature peace is, of course, the scarf. Perhaps the most renowned label here is Christian Dior. The label that made Paris the leader of fashion after the second world war. The amnesty here is a little bit on the formal side, not surprising, since here are the richest shops in Paris. So, be sure to wear presentable clothes. This is Guenol showing you Paris.