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Fall Out Boy and Punchline Japan Tour - June 2004

4y ago


This is Part 3 of the Punchline Video Classics collection. I found an old bookbag filled with about 100 mini DV tapes from old tours, and this was one of them. This is one that I thought a lot of people would like to see stuff from so I captured a lot of random clips from the tapes and put them together. This is only part 3 of our series of Punchline Video Classics. You can find the many more on I am glad I found these tapes because before I did, the only thing I had to remember this tour by was my very embarrassing section on Fall Out Boy's "Release the Bats" DVD. After this tour, Fall Out Boy went on to sell millions of albums and Punchline went on to not sell millions of albums...YET!!!