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Fake Nikes from EBay seller thehaggmarkcollection dlarson7887 bodencollection

1y ago


Purchased these in may 2012, supposedly brand new Nike Air Max 2011. Didn't mention these also fit about two sizes too small, the "ship from" address on the UPS tag is a state park in Malibu, California and they had me return ship them to a PO Box. Shoes also missing the Nike plus silver print on the insole of the left shoe (near arch of foot). Ebay Seller name:: thehaggmarkcollection (now changed to dlarson7887) Seller PayPal address:: Alternate Paypal address:: UPDATE:: 5/25/2012 -- Seller has changed their name to dlarson7887 --Seller STILL has not "picked up" shoes from their PO Box that they had me return ship it really their PO Box? Something tells me this box is going to be "returned to sender" UPDATE:: 6/28/2012 -- Seller now going by the name bodencollection