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the national anthem

the national anthem

FAIL! A Russian cameraman goes splat, two teams burst out laughing

1y ago


July 9th, 2012 Yenisey Krasnoyarsk beat Shinnik Yaroslavl 2-1 in the Russian second division, but the final score was a sideshow to the real entertainment which happened before kick off. As the sides lined-up to listen to the national anthem, a cameraman was spotted at the top of the screen speedily trying to get himself in position to film the two teams. Frantically running late to his job, his panic soon turned into his downfall. Not looking at where he was going as he sprinted, the man tripped over as he stepped on the grass and he went flying, face-first, onto the floor. With the music still playing over the loudspeakers, the players -- trying to stand solemn - burst out laughing at the slapstick moment. Moreover, laughter was heard over the airwaves at the fall of one of their peers. And then it got worse for the fallen man, as five medics were forced onto the scene to attend to the fallen cameram