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FACTORY78 - Nasirl Face-Off interview. (Otori Feat. Jaywon & T-Code)

4y ago


Factory78tv's "Face off" series continues in this new episode with up and coming Afrobeat producer cum artiste Nasirl. The young Nigerian born and raised in Lagos is part of the increasing new group of young talented Africans producing music whilst performing behind the microphone. In this exclusive interview with Factory78tv, Nasirl talks candidly about the challenges up and coming artistes face in the music industry back home in Nigeria, his most famous song till date "Ototi featuring Kennis Music Soldier Jaywon" , shooting a video for his next single "expensive" here in London and lots more. Watch the charming and talented young crooner Nasirl break it down right here on F78tv. Bursting onto the Nigerian music scene, Nasirl is a young aspiring artist bringing a fresh new vibe to the Hip hop and Afro beat sound with his hit song 'Otori Otori' (2011) a huge collaboration with Jaywon which Nasirl produced. In his own words, Nasirl describes his style as 'expensive' (which is also the title of his next single 'Expensive' due for release this year.) Nasirl's sound is an innovative blend of the Afro beat and Hip hop genre fuse with rich lyrical flows and rhythms. Born and raised in Lagos Nigeria, Nasirl officially began creating music in 2004 when he joined forces with his brother to form a group called 'Busy Bros'. They released a single 'No Trespass' from their album entitled 'Sometin Hot' in 2005. During this time, Nasirl went into production in 2006 and began his solo career as an artist. He quotes "I call myself the beat intoxicator, the mega most incredible music major, aka alien beats!" Nasirl compares his versatility to the likes of Timberland, an American artist who inspires him most. Nasirl makes music to enetertain and connect with others on the dance floor, and with his dynamic wealth of ideas and material, Nasirl's music is destined to make a mark and a contribute to the ever changing Afro music scene. People prepare for a new sound, Nasirl's music is set to take you on a journey and have you dancing all the way.