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software developers

software developers

The Eyewriter: Project 001

4y ago


Mark Foster collaborated with The Not Impossible foundation in creating this initiative video to help move the eyewriter project forward. The Eyewriter is an ongoing collaborative effort to give people suffering from any type of neuromuscular syndromes the freedom of expression and communication. The EyeWriter itself is a pair of low cost eye-tracking glasses & FREE open source software that allow anyone afflicted with total paralysis to draw, write and communicate using only their eyes. The Eyewriter was originally conceived for legendary LA graffiti artist Tony Quan, aka TEMPTONE. Tony was diagnosed with ALS in 2003, a disease which has completely paralyzed him, all but his eyes. Working closely with Tony, a team of artists, producers and engineers created a low-cost, open source eye-tracking system that will eventually allow ALS patients to draw using just their eyes. The long-term goal is to create a professional/social network of software developers, hardware hackers, and ALS patients and families from around the world who are using local materials and open source research to get this technology into the lives of those need it.