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gulf stream

gulf stream

Extreme Star Cluster Bursts Into Life - Stellar Birth and Star Formation

1y ago


Epistemology / Research - By: (Me) Nicholas Ellis @ The NASA/ESA Hubble Space Telescope has captured a spectacular image of NGC 3603, a giant nebula hosting one of the most prominent massive young clusters in the Milky Way. This is a splendid location for continued studies of stellar birth in star forming regions. --------------------------------------------------------------------- Caltech: Particles and Waves From Atoms to Quarks Evidence that light can sometimes act like a particle leads to quantum mechanics, the new physics. Produced by the California Institute of Technology --------------------------------------------------------------------- Epistemology: By - (Me) Nicholas Ellis Questions for Science/Academia : THE SUN What serves the sun as a carrier of light and heat, if, in the view of our learned scientists, space is a vacuum? Why do gases condense with a decrease in temperature? Why don't the fiery gases of the Sun, with supposed temperatures of over 6000°C, stream out into space? Why is the light and heat in the tropics more diffuse and at the poles the Sun's light more intense and its radiant heat less? ATMOSPHERE Why doesn't the Earth's warm air rise? Why is it so cold at the top of a mountain, i.e. nearer the sun? Why in our houses is it warmer nearer the ceiling and colder at the floor, when an artificial source of heat is used? Why does marble expand with heat and why doesn't it contract again with cold? EVAPORATION Why is the desert so dead despite all the heat? Why do damp tiled roofs dry out from the eaves towards the ridge? WATER Why does the groundwater in walls rise far above the surface of the ground? Why don't wooden posts rot under water, but above it always? Why can rising cold water pierce through the hardest rock? Why does water pulsate and breathe? Why does groundwater manage to remain on the sides of mountains? Why, growing colder and heavier, does it rise upwards? Why does it frequently spring from high peaks? RIVERS Why do west-to-east flowing watercourses fertilize their banks? Why are the banks of east-to-west flowing rivers so barren? Why are the banks of south-to-north flowing watercourses fertile on one side only? Why do rivers flowing into cold seas migrate laterally to the north? Why do deltas and estuaries develop? THE SEA Why is the water at the poles warmer at the bottom? Why is the sunlit surface at the poles so icily cold? Why doesn't the warmer, lighter bottom-water of the sea rise upwards? Why are the water temperatures at the equator so warm? Why is it that it gets colder with increasing depth? Why does it get warmer again below the boundary layer of +4oC? Why does life below this boundary layer begin anew? Why does the salt content of the seas vary? Why do herrings migrate northwards in winter? Why do deep-sea fish glow? Why can the warm Gulf Stream push the cold seawater aside and wend its way for thousands of kilometers over mountains and valleys in a reversed temperature gradient without the assistance of a mechanical gradient?