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Everyone Knows an Unemployed Professional | Jobs Line on Wilshire | Pink Slip Mixer

4y ago


Everyone knows an unemployed professional. The media has been reporting that the economy is improving and jobs are coming back. wants to let hiring companies know that we have members who are professional, experienced and want to help companies grow and be better. On March 22, 2012, we are going to form a "Jobs Line on Wilshire" in Los Angeles to create awareness that we are available to work. It will be a flash mob and we need to find 1,000 unemployed or the supporters of the unemployed. As the economy improves and jobs comeback, employers and hiring managers need to remember that the long-term unemployed, military personnel entering the civilian workforce and young adults starting off their careers are great sources to hire. On March 22nd, PinkSlipMixers is organizing a proactive and positive "Jobs Line On Wilshire Blvd" to let companies know we are available to work now. If you are unemployed show your support by RSVP Share this link with as many people as possible. is organizing a symbolic "jobs line on Wilshire Boulevard". The idea is to gather the long-term unemployed, military veterans entering civilian workforce and young adults starting off their careers. Hundreds of Los Angeles job seekers representing three distinct professional sets will be forming an employment line on Wilshire Boulevard from Veterans Avenue to Glendon Avenue for the purpose of ripping up "Pink Slips" and proclaiming their availability to work. Inspired by an activist group in New York that called for attention to the millions of unemployed Americans ( and as the job market has had the highest improvement since the start of the 2008 recession, Edwin Duterte of is organizing a similar event that focuses on awareness for the long-term unemployed, the military members entering civilian life and young adults looking for work for the first time. The jobs rally will be organized on March 22, 2012 from 9:00 AM to 9:30 AM on the sidewalk of Wilshire Boulevard from Veterans Avenue to Glendon Avenue. Hundreds of Job Seekers are anticipated to attend and create an "Unemployment Line" at least 3 city blocks long. Details at The PinkSlipMixers Job Rally will highlight three demographics that need the most attention to find work. The hundreds of job seekers will publicly rip up symbolic PINK SLIPS to applaud the recovering job market. As the job seekers publicly tear up the pink slips, each struggling demographics will symbolically raise various "Time Sheets" to announce their availability to work. • Young Adults entering the job market will be holding "Red Time Sheets" • Experienced Long-Term Unemployed will be holding "White Time Sheets" • Military personnel joining the civilian workforce will be holding "Blue Time Sheets" Lynette Jones is a military service member, Los Angeles-based entertainment media company owner ( and co-organizer of the event. She knows first hand the training and education the US Military offers. The skills veterans attain in service is very transferable to corporate life that can benefit and improve companies. Organizer, Edwin Duterte founder of, says "We strategically chose to rally on Wilshire Boulevard from Veterans Avenue to Glendon Avenue. Because of the proximity to the Federal Building, the area from Veterans Avenue to Gayley Avenue will represent and honor our military personnel. We will have our military job seekers form the unemployment line while they raise their Blue Time Sheets. From Gayley to Westwood, this block will represent the typical unemployed professional; which they will raise White Time Sheets. The 3rd block from Westwood to Glendon Avenue, which is very close to UCLA, will represent our future leaders and newly entering professionals. This demographic will raise the Red Time Sheets." Ofte...