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Epic Slow Mo with the Sony FS700

4y ago


Behind the scenes blog post with raw footage for download: Watch our video review of the Sony FS700: We decided to go out on a limb and rent a camera for the first time. This is what we were able to do in our four days with the Sony FS700 (plus a tutorial/review). Directed by Luke Neumann Cinematography by Joe Nanoski, Marika Neumann, and Luke Neumann Edited by Luke Neumann Starring - Alex Brink, Ben Weintraub, Pauline Weuntraub, Brandon Tunnell, Marika Neumann, Luke Neumann, Rachel Presley, Isaac Presley, and Hannah Brink. Color grading using Neumann Films Cinematic Presets. Music by Luke Neumann - "Post Boredom" Mastered by Ethereal Mastering - Shot on a rented Sony FS700 Camera rental from Borrow Lenses - Nikkor Ai-s 20mm f 2.8 and 50mm f 1.2 Canon 100-400mm w/ 2X Extender Subscribe to our website, like us on Facebook, or follow us on Twitter to be notified when the blog review is live! Check out our website or like and follow on Facebook and Twitter: