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Staff Picks

Epic Movie Montage 'SCI-FI Tribute'.avi

4y ago


Here is another epic movie montage of all of (in my opinion) some of the greatest achievements in sci-fi movie history! I left out some movies..such as E.T. and others..because i couldn't find any HD quality footage of the film that i could format to work with my program. Oh well....this vid contains footage from the following movies in order of appearance: Close Encounters of the Third Kind District 9 2001: A Space Odyssey Terminator II: Judgement Day Independence Day I, Robot Mad Max 2 Avatar Tron: Legacy Terminator: Salvation Starwars: Episode II Attack of the Clones Starwars: Episode VI Return of the Jedi Alien 3 Cowboys and Aliens 2012 Bladerunner Transformers: Dark of the Moon The Day the Earth Stood Still Star Trek Terminator: Salvation The Matrix Revolutions Starwars: Episode V The Empire Strikes Back