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Staff Picks

Enomine ...Morgane le fay....Die Prophezeiung... Klassik Editon

4y ago


Images of Morgane le fey & Animated faries ENGLISH In my time, you have given me many names: Sister, Priestess, Wise Woman, and Queen of the Night. But, still, you usually call me the Great Goddess of Evil Spirits. It is said that I maintain the power over dark creatures to poison the people with my false1 words, and change the world. The world has changed itself, and the truth has many faces. Morgan Le Fay...your venerated mouth is the fountain of wisdom. And cruelty might bring death by the poison of the mind. NOTE: Unwahrheit isn't a real German word. But, the prefix "un" tends to signify negation and "wahrheit" is the truth. So we get: negation of truth, or false.