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glen campbell

glen campbell

ENGLAND WORLD CUP SQUAD - We've Got The Whole World At Our Feet

4y ago


Produced by Tony Hiller. Song written by Tony Hiller, James/James - more details at Tony Hiller's BROTHERHOOD OF MAN - CHART HITS 1970 United We Stand 1970 Where Are You Going To My Love 1971 Reach Out Your Hand 1974 Lady 1975 Tell Me, Tell Me, Tell Me 1975 New York City 1975 Kiss Me Kiss Me Baby 1976 Save Your Kisses For Me 1976 My Sweet Rosalie 1976 Highway Man 1977 Oh Boy (The Mood Im In) 1977 Angelo 1978 Figaro 1978 Beautiful Lover 1978 Middle of the Night 1982 Lighting Flash SUMMARY From 1969 to 1984 I used 13 different artists with the Brotherhood of Man, I recorded 204 different tracks, which I wrote or co wrote 149 different songs, I released 36 singles in which 14 charted, I released 20 albums in which 6 charted, the Brotherhood of Man received over 30 Silver, Gold and Platinum discs. I now look back with joy at those wonderful years and am delighted that I was instrumental in putting together such an array of wonderful talent, like the late great Johnny Goodison who went on to write and produce many hits. Tony Burrows to this day is still recording and still has a wonderful career touring with White Plains. Roger Greenaway along with his partner Roger Cook went on to become one of the greatest writers that this country has ever seen, also chairman of the PRS (performing Rights Society) and vice president of ASCAP. Russell Stone along with his lovely wife went on and recorded many hits. The talented Sue and Sunny carried on with session work and went on and recorded many big hits of today. Barry Upton whom I also had the pleasure of writing many hits songs with, Barry also went on to write hits in his own right. Tony Hiller Some of Tony's world-wide chart recordings (written or produced) He Don't Want Your Love Anymore Lulu This Time Long Ago The Guess Who Flying On The Group Is Wrong The Guess Who United We Stand Brotherhood of Man Where are You Going to My Love Brotherhood of Man Reach Out Your Hand Brotherhood of Man Sunny Honey Girl Cliff Richard United We Stand Brotherhood of Man Where are You Going to My Love Brotherhood of Man United We Stand Wess & Dhori Ghezzi Lady Brotherhood of Man Daddy Loves You Honey Dorsey Burnette New York City Brotherhood of Man Kiss Me Kiss Your Baby Brotherhood of Man Tell Me Tell Me Tell Me Brotherhood of Man Save Your Kisses for Me Brotherhood of Man My Sweet Rosalie Brotherhood of Man Save Your Kisses for Me Bobby Vinton Save Your Kisses for Me Margo Smith Save Your Kisses for Me Rex Gildo Manchester United Manchester United F/C Oh Boy (The Mood I'm In) Brotherhood of Man Angelo Brotherhood of Man Highwayman Brotherhood of Man Angelo The Barron Knights Figaro Brotherhood of Man Beautiful Lover Brotherhood of Man Middle of the Night Brotherhood of Man You're the Greatest Lover Gina & Champions Who Do You Wanna Be Gina & Champions Put a Light in Your Window Tony Christie Lighting Flash Brotherhood of Man Here We Go Everton Football Club Nights Ed Bruce We've Got the Whole World at Our Feet England World Cup Squad Sitting on Top of the World Liverpool Football Club Glad all Over Crystal Palace Where Eagles Fly Crystal Palace Only Fools (Never Fall in Love) Sonia No One Can Stop Us Now Chelsea Football Club Spilled Perfume Gil Grand Over You Anne Murray United We Stand Ray Stevens United We Stand Six The Artist: Over 500 artists have recorded Tonys songs, including: Elton John, Olivia Newton John, Cliff Richard, Lulu, Andy Williams, Ray Stevens, The Hollies, The Shadows, Sonny & Cher, The Miracles, The Osmonds, The Fortunes, Al Martino, Glen Campbell, Lou Rawls, Fredda Payne, Ann Murray, Bobby Vinton, The Guess Who, Daniel Odonnell, Crystal Gayle, Brotherhood Of Man, Frankie Vaughan, Freddy McGregor & Marcia, Byron Hill, Matt Monro, Dickie Valentine, The Drifters, Kenny Rogers & First Edition, Barbara McNair, Donnie Elbert, Joe South, Shaun Cassidy, Clodagh Rodgers, Tony Christie, Shanana, Kenny Lynch, The Flying Machine, Joe Brown, A...