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END WAR: George Galloway On Hypocritical War In Libya More For Oil, Not Civilians As Sold--Bahrain

5y ago


How To Go To Heaven: Hypocrite Biden Threatened Bush Impeachment Over Unconstitutional War Kurt Nimmo March 23, 2011 How things change. In 2007, then presidential hopeful Biden stated unequivocally that he would work to impeach Bush if he bombed Iran without first gaining congressional approval. Now Biden is dutifully ringing up the royalty in United Arab Emirates and cajoling them to support Obama's unconstitutional war waged on Libya and kicked off without congressional approval. Joe didn't mean it in 2007, of course. He was running for president, after all. The hand-picked minions of the elite who are permitted to pretend they will run the country always tell lies. It's in their job description. Most Americans understand elections are all about promising the moon and delivering nothing but an IOU. Still, they turn out to vote for these guys. The elite and their brokers at the United Nations wanted this shabby little war waged against Libya. Biden is simply taking orders, as usual. It does not matter an iota what he said in 2007. And the corporate media, of course, will not hold him to that comment. It found the memory hole long ago, only to be relived by the alternative media, the only media telling the truth in a time of Big Lies of the sort Hitler told. Libya Libyan Misurata Tripoli Benghazi Towns CityRobert Gates Hillary Clinton Barack Obama Nicolas Sarkozy Sarko David Cameron Muammar Gaddafi Moammar Qaddafi Admiral Mike Mullen Leader Official Chairman John McCain Joe Lieberman U.S. NATO UN United Nations Britain British UK France French International Arab League North Africa Al-Qaeda Iran Iraq Russia Pentagon Joint Staff Vice Admiral Odyssey Dawn Loyal Defiant Aljazeera Reports Journalist Briefs Latest Update Interview News CBS CBSepisode ABC ABCnews Fired Down Tomahawk Missile Death Toll Tanks Injuries Victims Military Asset Opposition Fight Fighting Launch Bloody Rage Unrest Hit Airstrikes Strikes Intervention Forces Torture Fierce Assault Embattled Condemns Rally Dance Islam Vows Residents Speech Ultimatum Allied Deaths "Defense Secretary" Colonel Casulties Funeral Coalition Threaten Enforcing Planes Warfare Fighter Jets Ceasefire Soldiers Declares Arm Action Invasion Assassinate HumanitarianVideo Top Air Over Alex Jones Rand Ron Paul Judge Andrew Napolitano Mike Rivero Jeff Rense David Icke Wayne Madsen Webster Tarpley Paul Craig Roberts Gerald Celente Max Keiser Peter Schiff Bob Chapman John Pilger Stossel Rachel Maddow Chris Matthew Glenn Beck Rush Limbauh Bill O'Reilly Anderson Cooper Michael Savage Sarah Palin Julian Assange Wikileaks Dennis Kucinich