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Employee Social Lifecycle

4y ago


In an ever increasingly social world, the power of your employees can be used in more varied and exciting ways. Attraction Peer to Peer Recruitment -- A key area that social really enables. Allows companies to use their own employees as brand advocates and give potential hires a unique perspective into the culture of the area of the company they are thinking of joining. Reputation and Brand -- Somewhere a conversation is taking place that will effect your reputation as an employer. At a minimum, you should be listening to the social conversation to mitigate brand risk but ideally you would be contributing value to the conversation stream as well. Referral Schemes -- Recruitment is dependent on referrals as a source for qualified candidates. Further develop your current referral schemes by tapping into the digital social and professional graphs of your employees and leverage their social connections. Talent Communities -- Create talent communities to develop job seekers. When implemented thoughtfully, these can become real communities rather than just socially sourced lists of names. Recruitment LinkedIn overwhelmingly trumps Facebook and Twitter as the social network recruiters use to search for job candidates. Facebook is the least-used network by recruiters, although more candidates are looking to use it. A recruiter's Twitter followers are three times more likely to apply to a job posting than a LinkedIn connection. Onboarding Role Specific Wikis -- Living, breathing documents based on user's role. Q&A Discussions -- Question and solution approach to new hire issues (think Quora). Experience Platforms-- Allow new hires and long time employees to contribute tips to help others through the onboarding process. Track Search Terms and Refine -- As new hires search intranet content, search terms they enter should be analyzed to ensure content relevancy. Learning Extend virtual classrooms beyond the course time by allowing employees to connect before and after the course. Goal Development -- Permit employees to solicit feedback from each other so they can set specific development goals that is collected via peer review.