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Employee Engagement by Teneo Events

4y ago


4th "Employee Engagement" conference (Barcelona, 1st & 2nd Feb 2012) Has employee engagement ever been so important? Engaged employees care about the future of the company and are willing to invest the discretionary effort. Engaged employees feel a strong emotional bond to the organisation that employs them. However, with the recent ratings downgrade of the US, the EU running around to avoid further bail outs and global stock markets making the headlines for the wrong reasons, employee engagement might just be the single most important area to focus on to give your business a competitive edge. Source: Em(ic)* Exclusive Speaker Panel: David MacLeod & Nita Clarke - Author's of the "MacLeod report - Engaging for Success" commissioned by the British Government (Secretary of State for Business) and Part of the "Employee Engagement Task Force". Global Employee Feedback Owner, Nokia Group VP Organisational Capability, Coca-Cola Enterprises Chief HR Officer, Panasonic Europe Global Head of Performance, Culture & Change, ING Head of Engagement, Rentokil Initial Global Head of EE & TM, Maersk Drilling Head of HR Strategy, Merck Head of Global Engagement & Exit Survey Practices, Credit Suisse CEO, EM(IC) Snior Consultant, Hay Group Principal, Aon Hewitt Director EMEA, Kenexa