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Emperor Scorpion

4y ago


Well this is my emperor scorpions 20 gallon set up. The bigger scorpion is a male and was wild caught. The smaller scorpion was captive bred. I am using a reptifogger I bought at petsmart along with compressed coconut fiber as substrate. The substrate is 2 inches deep in this vid but it should be at least 4 to 6 inches deep because I like to burrow as they do in the wild, up to 2 feet, so I'm taking care of that. Lighting: 60 w exo terra sunglo daylight bulb I picked up at Pet supplies Plus. DO NOT BUY DAYLIGHT BLUE BULBS AT PETCO in the blue package. They go out every three weeks even on a day night cycle. Night time: 75 watt zoo med nocturnal infrared heat lamp at Petco). IT LASTED A YEAR. Just bought a 75 watt moonlight nightglo exoterra bulb and it went out in a month. go figure. I don't recommend using homedepot/menards light fixtures to hold the bulbs. Just invest in the ceramic ones at the pet store. I do use google earth to look at the current temperatures in west Africa to make sure Im on target with the humidity and temp. I know many different sources say that scorpions don't need a lot of room, but at night time these scorpions are all over the place in the aquarium. I'm actually in the process of getting an even bigger aquarium. I also keep about 4-6 crickets usually; that I'm breeding; in the cage at a time, so there's a better chance of the scorpions catching them on there own even though once and a while I'll have to push the crickets to the scorpion. These scorpions are usually hidden in the day time, but I took them out of there hiding place for the video. Slugs are from my backyard in Chicago Watch and see where and how emperor scorpions are caught in the wild. Also how they burrow and the temp of the soil. Just hit cc (closed caption) because its in German. Any questions just ask and enjoy video