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danny miller

danny miller

"Emmerdale" James Sutton as Ryan Lamb 23/07/09 Episode 2 (Part 2)

4y ago


Doug (Duncan Preston) and Leyla (Rokhsaneh Ghawam-Shahidi) panic in the destroyed shop as they realise Ryan (James Sutton) isnt moving. Outside the shop Faye (Kim Thomson) frantically tries to discover if Ryans ok and has to be held back by Cain (Jeff Hordley). A rescue effort is coordinated and Mark (Maxwell Caulfield) is aghast to hear that his secret son is in danger. Diving through the back of the van Mark discovers that Ryan is struggling to breathe and orders Cain and John (James Thornton) to get a tractor in order to move the debris. As the structural integrity of the building begins to fail Mark tenderly wipes the blood from his sons face and assures him everything will be ok. Cain gets behind the wheel of the van while John drives his tractor. Between them they clear the van, allowing the rescue party to file in. Ryan, Leyla and Doug are rescued and when Nathan (Lyndon Ogbourne) belatedly arrives he questions his fathers act of heroism. Mark lies that he wasnt thinking but Faye knows differently. Doug and Leyla are taken to the hospital but are fine. Ryans injuries are slightly more severe but hes also going to be alright. When they return from hospital Mark checks that Ryan is feeling ok. Faye quietly suggests that real heroism would be to tell their son the truth. Will Mark defy Natasha and come clean to his son? Chas (Lucy Pargeter) is furious with Aaron (Danny Miller) who she blames for the accident so he legs it from the scene. Words spreads amongst the rescue party that Aaron was responsible. Chas becomes concerned for Aaron when hes nowhere to be found and considers that his reaction to the accident may have been one of fear, not guilt. Holly (Sophie Powles) discovers Aaron lingering on the village outskirts and hes pleased to attract the attention of a good-looking girl. Back in the village John explains to Chas that Aaron wasnt responsible for the crash, but Chas isnt sure what to believe. John repeats his belief to the police, incurring Mark and Nathans wrath for defending a Dingle. Nathan confronts the Dingles and John in the Woolpack later and realises hes fighting a united front. He backs off but protests that Aaron will get his comeuppance. Rodney (Patrick Mower) is horrified to discover Nicola (Nicola Wheeler) was near the vicinity of the accident and worries hes hurt the baby. Nicola insists shes ok and drags Rodney to the pub so he can calm down. Nicola tries to comfort Rodney but he is inconsolable. Hes interviewed by the police later and tells them hes certain he left the handbrake on. Diane (Elizabeth Estensen) comforts Rodney as he worries for Nicola and her baby.