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Elyonbeats - Ghibli Cypher 2012 (Feat. SmallTownUprise, Dex Amora, JonWonders, NAK, Kruxify)

4y ago


FREE DOWNLOAD: Support the artists! SmallTownUprise: Dex Amora: JonWonder: NAK: Kruxify: Elyonbeats: Shout out to Esther Choi for this amazing album cover! THANK YOU VERY MUCH! ------------------------------------------------------------ Lyrics SmallTownUprise (BlakTop): A young kid that can go so far, with his boys that'll always keep they head in the stars, so inspirational to a whole body of people national, we rule our own lives man we should be in capital, enough of that, song so live it'll bring my cousin back, like the pats I toss them flows and then i run it back, back then people didnt even know that I rap, now I'm cracking out my shell get a hold of that. SmallTownUprise (ThePackRatKid): Im trying to change up my life, take my story to a whole other page, and i ain't trying to stick with minimum wage, Im trying to make a career off of rhyming, with sick bars and tie in real life so everyone can relate, its kinda crazy that i, started age 13 in my room, i never thought it would impact what i do, now I'm working my A** off, we ready for blast off, and best believe we headed straight to the moon, they gone be seeing me soon. Dex Amora: Forever I will be a lyricist that I promise And you are now rockin with hip hop at it's finest - being honest i'm obviously doing something right cause I be making heads nod when i grab the mic like... it's probably the realness, me showing my skills and the fact that i'm still a kid but I don't reveal it matter of fact conceal it, got my flows copyrighted cause some people tried to steal em HA! And I aint having it You see i'm ravenous in every single syllable be holding it down when I spit It's in my blood, a message from above, to make your heart warm with my dynamite love I'll send it over with the dove when the wind speaks if you respect the wings you'll be blessed by the beak I'm flying to my peak daily, in-HALing the thin air baring the force of nova's glare.... JonWonder: i tried my best to put me on the test i grew up thinking love was a mess but God showed love and Radience come from a far more like immagrants never seen a love like this time to show grace, no more diss soak in pleasure, say goodbye to the dark where is far tonight One love, its about that one touch One God, one life going to stay tough then we never going to suffer right everybody lets work it till we get it right so can i please say save my soul when i say my prayer tonight so lets go because i know that you're coming soon so im waiting and im praying NAK: Now let's run while the sun rays illuminate the valley In unity we will rally; it's you and me as we battle Accumulating the vision and signaling the finale From Libya out to Saudi, from Italy down to Cali He's knitted in the melody, the rhythm; and the 'pella be Embellished with a heavenly weaponry- check the legacy My very DNA is evidence I'm in His pedigree Strapped with the Spirit both physically and medically A sinner plagued and slain with one taste He made an about-face and came to announce "Grace" But it is not over. "Nak" with a "comma 'and'" Hope is now alive and it be "kicking" on the sonogram But I ain't playing when I'm boxing with a sinner's bait Make it meet it's bitter fate watch as it disintegrates You devils wanna "sucker punch?" I knuckle up and represent I upper cut and sever heads and cover up the evidence Kruxify: Biggie had a dream, so did Martin Luther King, And they both left a mark in this world as we have seen. Documented every moment in life, as they were breathing, From rock bottom to success, equality's true meaning. So friend, there's no worry to move with haste, we live in a place -- People still see, even if they co...