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Staff Picks

Elizabeth Edwards, John Edwards Mistress Rielle Hunter-Latest Oprah Interview About Love Child

5y ago


Latest interview with John Edwards' mistress, Reille Hunter about sex scandal affair, Love child and Reille's opinion of Elizabeth Edwards. Improved by Sharon A. Fox Filmed by using the camera built into her IMac desktop. All music and sound effects are from the standard software that comes with the iMAC. I am highly computer illiterate and never learned to type. If you want to make life easy, fun and meaningful and you don't know how to type or use a computer...get a iMac...closest thing to heaven on earth. ....................................... Reille Hunter stoops to even lower depths when she shares her thoughts about Elizabeth Edwards. The Elizabeth Edwards that she describes as lacking good energy and warmth bears no resemblance to the Elizabeth Edwards I had the great fortune to meet. The Elizabeth Edwards I met was open hearted, kind thoughtful and eager to embrace a room full of over 500 strangers in my community who came out to hear her speak during one of her book signings. Elizabeth was downhome and welcoming. My prayers go out to her, her family and all those who are being affected by this sad situation. Good Bless and hope that the Edwards family is able to welcome forgiveness, trust and love back into their circle. Amen ..................