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on the nose

on the nose

Electro-Harmonix Crying Tone Wah

1y ago


Electro Harmonix Crying Tone Wah | Straight out of the box... pretty fukken amazing wah pedal. And i have seen a few wahwah pedals in my time. Anyway's You get the point: It works well with a fuzzbox, after a fuzzbox i'll have you know. idk about b4 a fuzz. All i want is my wah to stand-out from all other wahwah's and it does! It works equally BADASS with a UNIVIBE as per example and even with both the fuzz and vibe unit on. It delivers all the smooth and schrill harky wahwah goodness from trumpets, slide all the way up to HENDRIX TROWER and SRV. BAM!!! Beats the EBS bass wah, Fulltone Clyde AND Clyde dlx, VOX, BigBadWah and a few other... and i've all had those on my boards. NONE of wich could cope with the Fuzzboxes decently... The EHX Does this PERFECT for me! **SIGNAL CHAIN: Oxfuzz Hotrod limited edition Germanium/EHX Crying Tone wah/VOX vt50/Marshall 1960A/ Flip MinoHD Camera They hit this one right on the nose! Congratz EHX