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my favorite

Eff Yeah! I Want That! - Liberty, Manic Panic and More

4y ago


Subscribe to! Eff Yeah! I Want That! with Joey G Liberty, Manic Panic and More This week's Eff Yeah! is a tad bit cooler than some of the other episodes, because it's coming to you from London, England! I've been in London for a week or so already, so the items I'm talking about in this episode are British-inspired, like the store, Liberty, Manic Panic hair dye (you'll noticed I colored my tips), my favorite British restaurant and my new Superdry sweatshirt that I'm obsessed with. And don't forget to also tell me what you're loving right now, too, because odds are, Eff yeah, I want it! Congrats to the winner of a mini squishable pet! lmschicken Catch a new episode of Eff Yeah! I Want That! with Joey G on every Tuesday at 2pm PT! Need more Joey G now? Check out: We've got some of THAT! Check out our free stuff: Love Be our BFF! Subscribe: Facebook: Twitter: Tumblr: Get more Joey G... check out his channel!