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Edward Leedskalnin Perpetual Motion Holder Alternating Currents

4y ago


This is an experiment I am doing with my friend Mr R. To see if the blue vertical component is affected by the wood. although in this example, I managed to instead burn myself and discover an angle where the wire vibrates in some sort of "Alternating Current, Alternating Contact, Spark Gap", at first I thought it was the wire, but it appears to be something else. Although I have not entirely forced the vertical component away with the wood at 90 degrees, as I intended, I discover several other interesting and fascinating things. I also learn that it might be necessary to place the wood more closely. I hope you enjoy the video. For the first time I saw the "C" type current running in the centre of my PMH on the spherical terminal contacts between NS and SN coil wires, previously I had only seen this with something as massive as an iron core accross the two prongs of the PMH. It seems that the steel terminals I have work a bit like the iron, but only in the middle of the length, rather than the middle of the end. Though both might work similarly. I need to test more ;-) Best, A