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Dwight Eisenhower Presidential Museum

4y ago


Made a trip up to Kansas over the weekend specifically to visit the Eisenhower Presidential Museum. The highlight of this being his Administration’s involvement in the 14th Amendment issues of the Little Rock 9 at Central High School in Little Rock, AR. I wore my Little Rock Harley t-shirt as the theme of the day from my trip through there last fall that featured me making a stop by the National Parks Service Museum there for Central High School. What I picked up from that stop was the parallel to my story in that the United States was in a battle of moral superiority with the USSR in that timeframe of the beginning of the Cold War. The new phenomenon of the media having the capacity to broadcast the events live around the world were too much of an ‘embarrassment’ for the Eisenhower Administration to not act to enforce the Civil Rights of the Little Rock 9 (more or less if I’m not relaying it 100% accurately). The kinship being that I believe I have been blasted relentlessly for being an ‘embarrassment’ for exposing what is happening to my life here. Of course, we can’t blame those responsible – because they are spineless cowards that can’t take responsibility for themselves. So, I get blamed for the ‘embarrassment’ for their inability to resolve this ordeal and provide justice for the trampling of my rights. I didn’t myself realize that Eisenhower Administration’s involvement with the Red Scare of Joseph McCarthy. The museum prominently featured his battle against the assault on ‘personal freedoms.’ Which I have to admit I again found to be just a little too ironic in light of all that I have endured with being accused of ‘promoting terrorism.’ It’s the new ‘Red Scare’ – not sure if that has been noted elsewhere or not. I was encouraged to see at least a historical figure of American politics that had such a storied past of battling for freedom against Nazis, etc. who took a stand against the infringement of ‘personal freedoms.’ I’m sure I should know this from high school, but I wasn’t the best student to say the least. Hey, I managed a 22 on my ACT I think anyway – so, something must have sunk in just sitting there. (a 29 in science if I recall too btw – which is was not too shabby; at least in 1989 it wasn’t) So, anyway – I think the trip was something of a success. Oklahoma is in the same Federal Courts District as Kansas. Not to be overlooked in the enforcement of the ‘Equal Protection Clause’ of the 14th Amendment. Okies and W don’t necessarily have the final word on what’s legal or to be enforced in Oklahoma. If there is a desire to see this handled domestically and not be made into more of an International ‘Embarrassment’ that I believe keeps being cried about for lack of action to resolve it.