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DuhCam by Hello10

4y ago


Download from the App Store for just $0.99 here: DuhCam is a full-screen camera app with minimal UI and intuitive gestures that let you easily take photos, record videos, zoom, and switch between front and back-facing cameras. DuhCam features content over controls. It launches quickly and is immediately ready to record and, because gestures work anywhere on the display, you'll never miss out on capturing an important moment while searching for a button. All the photos and videos you create are saved to your device's Photo Library. DuhCam runs on iPhone (3GS, 4, 4S), iPad (2, 3), and iPod Touch (3G, 4G). GESTURES ---------------- DuhCam uses just a handful of simple gestures to control the camera. You can Tap anywhere on the display to take a photo. If you Press & Hold down 1 finger on the display, video will be recorded for as long as you keep holding down. If you're recording a longer video and get tired of holding down, you can Drag your finger to turn on Auto-Hold. The recording indicator starts blinking more slowly, showing you that recording will continue after you release. You can even Tap to take photos while recording in Auto-Hold. When you want to stop recording, just Press & Hold down again. It's also possible to start an Auto-Hold recording with a single gesture: Press & Hold down 2 fingers instead of 1. Use a Spread gesture to zoom in and a Pinch gesture to zoom out. If your device has two cameras, Swipe your finger in any direction to switch between them.