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Dude, Where's My Car? - And Then? (remake)

4y ago


edit: It's amazing how people, mostly English-speaking, refuse to look past the language barrier and realize that this is pretty damn good for a school project. So if you don't understand Swedish and/or are a whining fanboy with nothing else to do than to bash some uploader on the other side of the planet, you will be ignored. Thanks. /Villain This scene was made by some good friends of mine, Anton Nyman (Newman, Neuman, Numand, very international), Linda Larsson, Charles Fjellsoy, Malin Karlsson and maybe someone else, can't remember. It's a remake of the drive-through scene from "Dude, Where's My Car?". Just like that Royal Tenenbaums scene, this one is in Swedish too...WITH subs. This time, we replaced the chinese food takeout place with your regular McDonalds, so naturally we lost the fake chinese accents too. It's also been shortened to the 1-minute limit. I actually think this scene works a lot better in that length-format. Comments, rating and favorit(z?)ing are always welcome! Thanks for watching. edit ahoy: OVER 50 000 VIEWS WOHOO! \^o^/ By April 2009, we finally hit the 50 k's to another 50 k of showing our manly Norse mugs and speaking our sexy jibberish for the world to hear and see.