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The Enigma TNG - Monster Killer - Inspired by Skrillex

3y ago


● Facebook: ● Bandcamp: ● Spreadshirt: ● My Artwork: ● Twitter: ● SoundCloud: ● Tumblr: ● Deviant Art: ● YouTube: LYRICS: Save my life, I'm never gonna run away, no, I, I'm gonna get them all the monsters, kill them all the monsters, gonna be a monster killer, monster killer. TAGS: Skrillex, The Enigma TNG, Dubstep, Bass, Monster Killer, First of the Year, Equinox, OWSLA, Mau5trap, Deadmau5, Feed Me, Excision, Downlink, VIP, Remix, Original, Song, Track, Drop the bass, Growl, FL Studio 10, Massive, FM8, Dark Electronic Music, Little Girl Singing, Alien, Mothership, Tour, Underground, Brostep, Mutrix, Electro, Glitch, Electro-House, Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites, Bangarang, New album, Recess