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Drink Inc.: Sweet & Savory Pork Cocktails

1y ago


Steve and Daniel visit the Village Idiot Restaurant and Butcher to butcher a whole pig, then eat it from ear to tail! Watch them turn these tastes into refreshing spicy cocktails. Recipes below! Subscribe to Hungry for Thirsty Thursdays every week! Shake us on Facebook! And stir us on Twitter! ******************** The Heifer Weizen Into a shaker add 4 oz Apricot puree 3/4 oz Lemon juice Barspoon Orange marmalade Add ice Shake Add ice to a Collins glass Strain into glass till about about ¾ full Top of with hefeweizen   Garnish with rolled salami and apricot speared on cocktail toothpick   Steve:   Fat Manhattan Garnish Put cooked bacon (thick cut is best) on a plate Cover bacon with granulated sugar Brule the sugar on the bacon with blowtorch to candy the bacon   Drink Form a single block of ice so that it fits perfectly in the glass but still allows you to stir OR fill glass with a few ice cubes .5 oz Italian sweet vermouth ¾ oz of Italian walnut liquor ¾ oz Amaro Montenegro 1 oz fat washed whisky 2 dashes of Peruvian bitters Stir Garnish with candied bacon   How to do a Fat Wash: The fat washing process is pretty easy.  Basically you make bacon and keep the renderings (grease/fat) and eat the bacon.  Take whatever whiskey, Bourbon recommended for this drink, and put it in a separate container (wide opening (a bowl could work at home) along with the bacon fat.  Stir the contents together let them rest tasting the mix every couple hours until the desired amount of bacon flavor has been infused into the whiskey.  Note: do not burn the bacon, it adds a very sharp flavor to the end product.  Once the flavor has been achieved put the container in the freezer.  The fat will rise to the top and freeze solid.  Once this happens you can cut the fat off the rest of the liquid and discard it or reuse it for something else.  It's best to run the whiskey a few more times through cheese cloth just to make sure all the solids are removed.  Voila!