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Staff Picks

Drink Chia!'s Bean Bag Friday with Heather Hesington

2y ago


Drink Chia!'s ‎"Bean Bag" Friday, sponsored by E-SeaRider, sits down for a chat with our Friend, Heather Hesington, to talk about healthy lifestyles, running, and setting goals. Hosted by Co-Founder Chandra Davis. Be sure to check out her fun blog at About Heather Hesington Heather is the face behind Housewife Glamour, a blog revolving around Health, Beauty, Fitness, Fashion, Entertainment and Traveling. She defines herself as a "girl-on-the-go" and has always maintained a healthy, active lifestyle. Dancing since the age of 3, she continued competitive dance at the University of South Florida, followed by four years of dancing professionally for the Orlando Magic. Beyond movin' and shakin' on the dance floor, Heather is a barre instructor and a runner who stays active in the community. About Drink Chia! Drink Chia! is an Omega-3 superfood drink infused with organic chia seeds. Drink Chia! is for the active lifestyle and those mindful of their health. Our beverage is perfect for the fit lifestyle because it is low in sugar, low in calories, rich in chia and omega 3's and it is uniquely delicious. Shake up your life. Shake up the planet. Just Shake It Baby!