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Dramatic footage of NPA attack in Mati City

5y ago


CCTV captures rebel attack in Southern Philippines By Ben O. Tesiorna, Correspondent MATI CITY, Philippines -- A close circuit television camera captured an attack of the New People's Army rebels at a lone policeman posted at a bus terminal in this city in the evening of June 7, 2011. The CCTV showed how the six rebels ganged up on Police Officer 3 Alfredo Salva who was at the outpost around 7:40 in the evening of June 7. Six rebels armed with handguns approached and shot him. The victim however returned fire using his M16 rifle hitting the two assailants. PO3 Salva sustained shots in his body causing his death. Ramil Sallenes alias Bunso from Front Committee 18 also died from the wounds he sustained. The wounded suspect was meanwhile identified as Ariel Manuray alias Commander Gary. Commander Gary is now recuperating at a hospital in Davao City. Mayor Rabat earlier revealed that their coastal city was supposed to be a safe sanctuary for New People's Army rebels who wanted to take rest and recreation. But the rebels violated the sanctuary agreement after they attacked and killed a policeman inside the bus terminal few weeks ago. Mati City Mayor Michelle Rabat said that her father, the late mayor Francisco Rabat, had an understanding with the rebels to spare Mati from rebel atrocities and they could safely stay in Mati in return. The lady mayor said she just continued that understanding with rebels upon her assumption four years ago. Mayor Rabat said the police and military knows this and respected the understanding. Mayor Michelle Rabat earlier dismissed fears of residents that the New People's Army are planning to attack this city. Rabat clarified that the rebel attack happened at a police outpost in the public terminal located just beside the public market. She said the rebels were after the firearm of the policeman.