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dead body

dead body

Drake - Over My Dead Body [Acoustic Remix]

2y ago


Is it really a remix? Eh, I dunno. I just fell in love with the original vocals of this track and so I took them, added some and wrote this. My singing faces are a bit hideous lol but just go to another tab or something and try to get the message. I'm using Am, C, Em, and Dm on Capo 1. Lyrics: How I'm feeling it doesn't matter cause you know I'm okay and still I ask myself why do you worry when, oh you know I'm the same [chorus] no, I know you don't love me, baby they're trying to take you away from me only, over my dead body oh when I die will you come to me and cry over my face and still I ask myself if I die for you would you ever do the same will you take my body to my mother will you say it's your fault and still I ask myself why do I protect you, when you you still broke my heart