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Staff Picks

Dr Mario Episode 3 - feat. "Mike Tyson"

2y ago


Jaded, 'House'-like DR. MARIO must deal with a new videogame character's malady every episode, all while trying to dealing with his supervisor, DR. HAGGAR, by-the-book DR. ZELDA, and his arch-nemesis (and patient) ... BOWSER. Starring... Davis from as DR. MARIO Dodger from as DR. ZELDA Rosanna from as NURSE JOY Rawn from as DR. HAGGAR & Courtney from as PIKACHU TJ from as SCORPION with special guest Jesse from as BOWSER Director: Michael Schroeder Producer: Will Lu Cinematographer: Michael Schmidt Swing: Kate Kodet Editor: Ryan Tellez Sound: Alon Wolman Music: Andrew Johnson ( Makeup: Britney & Artie Special Thanks: JuVan Langford Want more TGS? Find us here: Facebook - Twitter - Tumblr - Google+ - Web - house season finale dr mario "dr. mario" doctor TGS thegamestation webseries trailer dodger jesse omfgcata jesse omfgcata mike tyson punch out davis the warp zone thewarpzone rosanna pansino comedy videogames video game Funny Games Humor Sketch