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the cannibal

the cannibal

Dr. Hannibal Lecter [Villain Profile #3]

1y ago


Name: Hannibal Lecter M.D., "Hannibal The Cannibal" Actor Portrayal: Anthony Hopkins, Gaspard Ulliel Appeared: 5 films & 4 Novels Motivation:Kills & eats people to feed his monsterous need to feel alive. In his mind he feels he needs to do that to survive. Location: Lithuania, Paris, Baltimore Weapons: Mind & Mouth Status: Alive last seen in 2001 on an airplan feeding a kid brains Quote:"If i tell you,I'm afraid you wont even try it" - Red Dragon Wardrobe: Suit & Hat...Blue Prison outfit, all white prison outfit, Lecter Mouth Mask Best Death: Chopped off butchers head at pond in france Accomplishments: Best Psychiatrist in the world, most respected even after his incarceration. Skills: Master Social & psychological manipulator, Genius level intelligence, great strategist, escape artist, Physically overpowering, calm, Weakness: Insane, sometimes cant control Anger/Rage. Favorite things: toying w/ people's minds, eating human flesh, intelligent conversation, Opera. Psychological Analysis: No Shame or embarrassment, High Level of confidence (but stays within himself), Warped perception of reality, the eating if his as a young boy brought him over the brink of human insanity, which turned him into the monster that he has become, Now has uncontrollable impulses to eat human flesh in order to feel alive. commentary by JBM from VillainNews