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Doctor Andres Gumban Brutally Killed in Bacolod City

2y ago


A prominent doctor was brutally killed in Bacolod City Thursday night, with one of his suspected killers a recent acquaintance on Facebook. Dr. Andres Gumban, 63, was killed in his house at Regent Pearl Subdivision in Barangay Alijis at 10:45 p.m. Thursday, news site Visayan Daily Star reported Saturday. Bacolod police chief Senior Superintendent Ricardo de la Paz said Gumban, a wealthy pulmonologist, sustained multiple stab wounds on the neck, chest and stomach, and died at the scene of the crime. His death was a shock to the Bacolod medical community and his patients, some of whom were waiting for him at his clinic Friday, the report said. It said, Gumban's neighbor Jonathan Maniego said he heard a commotion at the house of the doctor at about 10:45 p.m. Maniego said he went to Gumban's house and saw the suspects Fof Pascual Jr., 18, of Barangay Tadlong, Sagay City, and a 16-year-old from Cadiz City. He asked them to open the door of the house but they refused. When he peeped through the window and saw bloodstains near the bathroom, he kicked the door open, drew his gun and ordered the suspects to drop to the floor. Another neighbor arrived, and helped him restrain the suspects while they called in police. Police Station 7 commander Chief Inspector Levy Pangue said the doctor, who was wearing only shorts, was in a fetal position in the bathroom. The 16-year-old suspect claimed Gumban, who had a bladed weapon, entered the bathroom while he was taking a bath and made sexual advances on him. He claimed he fought back and stabbed the doctor repeatedly. The 16-year-old said he came to know Gumban on Facebook only this March and met him last week. De la Paz said Gumban picked up Pascual and the 16-year-old from the North Terminal in Brgy. Bata, Bacolod City on Thursday and took them to a mall for snacks. According to De la Paz, Pascual said it was the first time he met Gumban and he was at the living room watching television when the minor was stabbing the doctor. An investigation showed Pascual is a suspect in the killing of a pregnant woman in Sagay City sometime in 2010, De la Paz said. Jordan Reyes, the manager of one of Gumban's buildings, described the doctor as a good man who did not like trouble. Meanwhile, De la Paz said they are also looking into the robbery angle as the doctor was wealthy and the killing could have been premeditated. Pascual and the 16-year-old are both considered suspects in the stabbing, he also said