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Episode 1- Getting Started To Plan A Wedding

4y ago


Tweet & Instagram me with #DownTheAisleWithChriselle For more wedding inspiration & exclusives check out Daily Wedding countdown on my blog- Welcome to the 1st episode of our new series "Down The Aisle With Chriselle"! Although I'm extremely excited about my wedding, it's been quite overwhelming planning it all out. I decided to ask my friend, Jen, from Green Wedding Shoes for some advice on how to start planning this wedding of mine! She gave me some amazing tips that clarified a lot for me and helped me so much! Hopefully this will help you or someone you know! Stay tuned for the next episode as you will get to meet my FIANCE for our engagement shoot!! Music By- Colin Wright ♥ ♥ Green Wedding Shoes will be documenting my wedding & everything in between! They will also have major exclusive info & pix on the series ♥ For wedding inspiration & exclusives check out their BLOG- ♥ Add GWS on FB- ♥ Follow GWS on Twitter- ♥ Daily Wedding Countdown on my blog- ♥ Follow me on Twitter- ♥ Add me on Facebook- This video is not sponsored